Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Terrible Videos and what you can do # 1 - by Stephen O ' Connor

Trawl through Youtube or digital tv of an evening and chances are you will come across a lot of music videos  , some good , some bad , and some just plain terrible . But what of those videos that are so bad they're just plain offensive to all senses?

Starting today , Born Again Nihilist brings you its guide to the worst rock videos raping the eyes of the enfeebled masses today.

Terrible Video No. 1-  30 Seconds To Mars- 'Closer to the edge'

Ok, first things first , 30 Seconds to Mars are , musically in the first place fucking terrible , over produced,  over sentimental stadium wank . But to be fair, we're analyzing their video , so let's just stick to that .

Ok so it look's nice , all  HD and well edited . But what of the stomach  churning to camera 'confessions' of the various confused young teens  which occasionally interrupts the music ( small mercies), all wishing that the world would just give the poor mites a  break and stop being so damn confusing and ridden with war and suffering. Well I say teens , some of these people are clearly a bit too old for that kind of  japery , and should really know better. Even Green Day have never stooped so low as to have CRYING CHILDREN in their video as a framing device.Or maybe they have and I was just too bust being ill at the uber saccharine tripe spouting from the various tykes on show here.

Secondly , how in love with themselves must 30STM actually be? If it wasn't bad enough that they dared venture to Antarctica to ply their hideous  emo wares to various unsuspecting penguins and conscious bacteria , they now have declared war on the rest of the world, showing OUR world to be nothing more than a giant vanity ramp for Jared fucking! Leto to bounce and twirl like some kind of spangly Hitler on speed. The vast expanse  of  the bands endless parallel  arena universe combined with the auto-tuned majesty of Leto' s voice 'not SAYYYINNNNGGGGGGG' he's sorry ,  is enough to induce violent agoraphobic dry heaves.

 This truly must be the endtimes if this kind of sugar fed , bastardised parody of rock music  is what's Most Played on the iPods of so many. The mere sight of Leto and his leather clad , spangly mutant backing band riding roughshod over the world on their hovercraft of sheer cheese should be sending people running for cover, not fucking Ticketmaster. And so implore you , please, batten down the hatches , lock up your daughters and chain the dog to the floor and say 'NO NO NO NO!!!!' to Leto and his band of merry fuckwits.It's the only hope this bleak and bitter world may have . ..

And maybe just watch something like this instead . . .

 Until next time gentle reader, adieu!!!!


  1. "...they dared venture to Antarctica to ply their hideous emo wares to various unsuspecting penguins and conscious bacteria..."

    Couldn't help but smile at the thought of penguins puttin their flippers over their ears :) Wait, do penguins have ears? They must...

  2. If they do it's animal cruelty for sure :)