Friday, January 7, 2011

Edinburgh- A land of shortbread and smiling eyes

Apologies for the gap in posts this week , but I have been taking a much needed break in Edinburgh ,possibly my new favourite city in the world , with my lovely lady Eavan. If you haven't been , then sort yourself out immediately , because you're missing out on one of the coolest cities on the face of the earth.

Apart from all the obvious distractions ,those being the various touristy jobbies , deep fried confectionery and men in skirts, Edinburgh is home to  a cracking and diverse night life . For those looking for a good rock pub , with a relaxed atmosphere , try the Black Rose Tavern on Rose St . Similar vibe to Gypsy Rose in Dublin, if a lot smaller . Replete with  a Laser- Disc jukebox( none of your fancy touchscreen shite here)  , expect to hear hefty amounts of Soundgarden , Alice In Chains , and ton of classic tunes. Nice and cheap too , with a pint coming to around £ 2.50 , and a vodka and coke in and around the £3.50 mark.
If you're after more of a fibbers-y vibe , then Opium on Cowgate  ,near the Royal Mile , might be what you're after. Cheap , and with nice staff( the norm for Edinburgh thankfully), but , unfortunately , with brutal music , and to add into the mix a clientele that consists of people who seem to regard Disturbed as well , not a joke(never good). Still though , the DJ did throw on some Cancer Bats , and a bit of Primus for us, and was also a Terry Pratchett fan , so some saving grace.Still , the vibe is mellow , and the ale flows free.

Straight next door but a world apart in terms of vibe is Sneaky Pete's , a small but fun club/pub playing some cool minimal techno and dubstep , and with £2 drinks , and also possibly the nicest bouncers in the world , overall a good vibe and great fun.
Of course there is a lot more to Edinburgh , a lot more , but as a starting point , you can't go wrong , and if you feel I have, well , frankly , SUCK ONE. No ,  I jest.But do email us your experiences on , and maybe share some cool spots I missed , because I will be going back again!

Well that's all for now , keep an eye out for tons  more articles from the various members/contributors of BAN soon  , as well as  a ton of new names, until then  , peace and fucking , and remember if you would like to contribute  ,all you have to do is email the address above , and remember to follow us on Facebook for more info and updates on articles.

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