Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gig Review - The Sonic Love Project -17/02/11-The Martello ,Bray

Arriving late for tonight's Sonic Love Project, the brainchild of Michael Monaghan , a Bray based musician/promoter/good lad , we unfortunately miss the first couple of acts , namely Thirteen , Megan Fox and Shawn Levins,so to all of you a big fat 10/10 , and I'm deeply , deeply sorry(but it wasn't really MY fault , but anyways) . . .onwards and upwards.

Now I may as well be honest, I've never been a fan of jazz, and know fuck all about it , so Just The Trio Of Us(7/10) go somewhat over my head , but one thing even jazz dunces like myself can be agreed on is the level of sheer musicianship at play here, and also the enthusiasm and indeed love(pun 1) of the music being played.Entertaining, if  a slightly too long set(again , it's probably a jazz thing).

Noize Complex(8/10) ,AKA performance poet Andrej Kapoor and beatmaker/DJ Luke Broughan , offer up something , that sonically (pun2) is  a totally different kettle of fish.And although it is the duo's first gig, confidence is definitely not lacking here. The combination of Kapor's brittle but fluid prose and Broughan's atmospheric , almost droney beats , and clever ,understated remixes and covers makes for an interesting listen , and even the now mandatory  dubstep moment is laced with an unusual amount of menace and intent. Indeed , the duo are at their best when exploring  the  murkier , darker waters of their sound, with Broughan's paranoid soundscapes  meshing with Kapoor's sardonic tones. One to watch .

The air of anticipation for Blind Yackety(9/10) is palpable , and with good reason , as here , in this slighly cramped , slightly  stilted surroundings , we are about to witness possibly one of the strangest , and strongest live acts in Dublin, or indeed anywhere , right now.Trying to describe Blind Yackety to someone who hasn't heard them is like . . nah fuck it a 'blind' pun is too much .Suffice to say , the band's heady blend of rock and roll , appalachian, folk , trad, pop, country and a dozen other things is intoxicating . Picking highlights out of such a well crafted , and well executed performance would be somewhat crass and missing the point , however, the fiddle player playing with his teeth would probably be up there for me. Fantastic stuff , and probably the last time you'll see them somewhere this small for a long time.

Overall , a great night , and a definite success for The Sonic Love Project .
You might even say I LOVED it.


  1. Nice post Ste. Keep em coming...

  2. Hit it on the head, keep up the good work and I will too..

  3. great review man, nice writing!!! really enjoyed the night my self too.

    max zaska

  4. Thanks lads for the lovely comments!Had a ball, something very different , and unusual, hope it continues on for a long time!