Friday, March 18, 2011

Lost Classic- Big Business 'Here Come The Waterworks'

The name Big Business may be familiar to those of you who are Melvins fans( and if you're not, why not?) , given that the bass loving duo have collaborated with the legendary grunge outfit on several occasions , most notably on the excellent 'A Senile Animal' . Indeed the fact that the two bands share such a kinship is unsurprising, given the propensity of both bands towards not only various illicit substances , but also fuzzed out , grungy shit-kicking rock and roll.

The band started as a duo , composed of sticksman Jared Warren of the band Karp and Coady Willis of Murder City Devils. Together with guitarist David Scott Stone, they unleashed their second full length , 'Here Come The Waterworks' in 2007  , and promptly scared the shit out of  us all with one of the evillest soundest albums in living memory. From opener 'Just As The Day Was Dawning' onwards , the band proceeded to try and shake the foundations out from under you , with a frantic low end rumble that could conceivably level whole  buildings if left unchecked. Underpinned by Warren's Animal -from-the- muppets-on-crack drumming , Willis' bass takes the fore , ploughing the songs onwards through a subterranean groove that is wholly addictive.

However what marks out 'Here Comes The Waterworks' from any one of the assorted sludge/grunge/doom bands out there is the sense of a band who just want to rock out.Just listen to the rousing 'Hands Up' , or the Kiss on downers grooveathon that is  'Grounds For Divorce', with it's brilliantly sarky "That's A Lie!"'refrain , for proof  of that , and when the slower,more reflective moments do come , such as on the fuzzed out  beauty of closer 'Another Beautiful Day In The Pacific Northwest' , they are all the more devastating.

Still a fully functioning band , the band have since replaced Stone with another longterm Melvin's collaborator , Toshi Kasai , and made the equally excellent 'Mind The Drift' , proof that , while pop may be where the big bucks are , rock is still ahem . . . .Big Business . . . ..
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