Monday, July 18, 2011

Review-Engines Of Ruin-'Triquetra'

Having gone through a number of line up changes over the past couple of years, the most recent and drastic being the departure of singer Vinnie Flynn , , Dublin desert/stoner rock outfit Engines Of Ruin have now gone the Karma To Burn route and become an instrumental band, and the results  can be heard on their newest effort 'Triquetra'  , an EP available for free download from the band's Bandcamp page. It's an interesting , and for the most part, eminently enjoyable, more chilled out  departure from their normally ferocious rock and roll/stoner combo.

Opener 'Prison Itch' starts things off rousingly enough, a groove laden jam with a nagging, insistent riff , and some excellent lead work from axeman Adam Brewer. 'VPS' is all chilled, Henrix- esque squalls and subtle but nuanced drumming  , while 'Velvet Deth' is probably the heaviest thing on here , Brewer's grimy riffing a heady delight. Closer 'Ortuo' is arguably the strongest thing on here, a  gorgeously produced and played number that recalls Kyuss at their most reflective , and ends things in appropriately chilled fashion.

Overall , 'Triquetra' , while an enjoyable ,well played and well produced piece of work, feels almost like a stop gap for the band, certainly a change of pace, but not their strongest work .However, given Flynn's abrupt departure, and the fact that it's also a self produced and recorded effort, it's still impressive, and a testament to the band's musicianship and talent that they were able to produce something of this quality under such difficult circumstances  . The band are also again looking for a singer , which is welcome news indeed. Until then , light one up and enjoy this slice of  fuzzed up goodness.

For fans of :Kyuss, Zoroaster , Karma To Burn
Listen here:
Stephen O ' Connor , for Bornagainnihilist

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