Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review - LotusEater 'Demo-Guides'

It's never been a better time to be a music fan in Ireland, really, it hasn't.Just look at the evidence, Bats, Adebisi Shank , More Tiny Giants ,Blind Yackety, Enemies, Hero In Error, the list goes on and on, a slew of some of the most original, invigorating music today, in a plethora of styles , and it's right on your doorstep.And it seems we may now have another name to add to that already swollen, growing list, LotusEater.

Although only in existence since late 2010, the band have already racked up a dizzying gigging schedule, as well as a startling body of work, some of which is in evidence here in their Bandcamp released demo, tentatively titled 'Guides'. A diverse, intoxicating mix of styles, the band are almost impossible to pin down,and comparisons to other bands would seem to be grasping at straws , however there is shades of Portishead , early Skunk Anansie, and Bjork(due in no small part to frontwoman Siobhan Kavanagh's stunning vocal range), as well as the subtle  menace of Massive Attack , and even the histrionics (in the best possible way) of Muse's more experimental moments.

The demo kicks off with the stuttering funk riff of 'Bless Your Efforts' , a pleasingly galloping riff  carrying a surprisingly weighty groove through the song , and with a bass line Les Claypool wouldn't kick out of bed.
'Land Of Stilts' is all paranoia and Kavanagh's smoky , snarling Dublin drawl, while 'Merlin' is quite possibly one of the most addictive things you 'll hear all year.The emotional highlight though is undoubtedly the soaring , Floyd esque 'Skim The Water',with a chorus to die for, and some sublime key work from Simon Prunty, Kavanagh 's resigned lyric that we're as  "Happy as pigs in shit" delivered with such a quiet, contained spite that it's almost uncomfortable to listen to.

Throughout, the feeling is undoubtedly of a band that are not only skilled songwriters, and indeed musicians, but also of  one keen to forge their own identity, which they do tremendously well by skirting cliche at every turn and simply writing fantastic songs, and already one gets the feeling of a cult following beginning to form, and perhaps more.Judging by what's on show here, it's all up for grabs for this Dublin based quintet.
Rating :9/10
For fans of :Portishead , Bjork, Skunk Anansie
Listen here :
Stephen O' Connor for Born Again Nihillist

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