Sunday, August 7, 2011

Album Review - Fistula 'Loser'

First off, let me just say that when this review is over, I never want to ever have to type the word 'fistula' into a google images search again.Jesus christ lads, why that name?WHY THAT NAME?

Well, maybe because like their music, it's quite disgusting.However, the music is also infinitely more appealing.Hailing from Cleveland ,Ohio, USA(something of  a scene round those parts it seems), Fistula deal in grind tinged , overdriven sludge, much in the vein of Eyehategod,  or a slightly less hellish Cough, with some old school crust and grindcore influences.Album opener 'Picking Up Chicks' sets out their stall , a surfeit of bottom tuned guitars awash in crackly, sickening distortion, that give way to a gnarly crust/grind bridge that is somewhat stomach churning in it's suddenness .'The Hounds' possesses a nicely thrashy opening  that's underpinned by some nicely tight double bass work from drummer Danny, that lapses back into an old school doom jam, replete with mournful guitar riffs and some impressive howling from singer Jesse, while closer 'Coma Forever' is probably the best thing on here, alternating between demented grinding and snails paced doom riffing.

However, it has to be said that throughout, the production is woeful.Even listening on headphones with a decent bass response, and decent enough gain, it's still annoyingly quiet in places, robbing the record of a lot it's potential power.Also,   as grimily enjoyable as 'Loser' is,the band's doom/grind/doom approach tends to get a  little monotonous after a few repeat listens.That said, the band are tight, and overall , it's a fun listen.But please someone turn up the bass next time!

For Fans of :Napalm Death, , Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, Cough,
Stephen O ' Connor for Born Again Nihilist and Grip of Delusion.
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