Sunday, August 14, 2011

B.A.N Digs . . . .Cozmonaut Scotland!

And so it spreads .. . seems the Desert has come to our celtic cousins in Scotland, with the advent of Cozmonaut Scotland, based in Edinburgh, another branch of the ever growing underground fuzz movement that is breeding an online community that the writers of this blog are very very proud to be part of.A Stoner rock promoter/blogger/DJ/enthusiast, Cozmonaut will be keeping those in the land of shortbread and good whiskey up to date on all the stoner rock happenings in that fair land.
Oh and if you're wondering about the header pic, I googled Scottish rock and that's what came up . . .. leave me alone, I'm craving sleep . . ...
Stephen, Bornagainnihilist

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