Thursday, August 25, 2011

Album Review, Grifter Self Titled Album

Grifter are a British southern hard rock outfit from Chudleigh that have been knocking around the UK scene since 2003. Their self-titled is record is out now on Catacomb Records and Ripple Music and Nihilist’s American gunsmith Steaming Heathen hooked us up with the record.

The record begins with the ballsy ‘Good Day For Bad News’. Riffs not unlike a nastier Black Stone Cherry with a charcoal tone that suits perfectly. Already it’s hard to believe there is only one guitar in this band, props to the production. The action is only interrupted by a brief slide guitar solo with a cold reverb lather to contrast the scorching guitars. Follow this with the dirty named ‘Alabama Hotpocket’, which opens with the filthiest chords to match.

Next up is ‘Asshole Parade’, and something about this reminds me of ‘Sabotage’ era Black Sabbath, the arrangement and the behaviour of the guitars and bass smacks of something from that last great Sabbath outing, and maybe I’m too bias towards Sabbath sounds but this is one of the highlights on the record for this blogger. Another high point is track 5, ‘Young Blood Old Veins’, a more stoner leaning tune with hints of an Orange Goblin vibe. All the grooves remain unmistakably southern rock based. In an odd match up of sounds, vocalist and guitarist, Ollie, has a touch of Myles Kennedy about his voice.

Track 8, the simply named, ‘Bean’, has something more of a traditional British touch about it, coupled with a nice modulating blues format during the verse. Followed by penultimate ‘Piss and Gas’, (the list of song names on this record are entertaining in itself) which shows a deft control of dynamics when the band slows things right down during the chorus. Finally we close the record with ‘Gone Blues’, a sad, slow acoustic number, coloured with some more slide work and minimal percussion from kickers and handclaps.

What we have here is a very well produced and well written record that any hard rock fan will no doubt dig. If there’s any one problem I have it’s that there is rather little variation between songs. Having said that, each track is put together and played to its fullest. They are all short (never venturing beyond the 5 minute mark), sweet and fiery! I can imagine this band having a strong live show to boot. This has been, GRIFTER.

Grifter, Self-titled Album.
Rating: 7/10
For fans of: Black Stone Cherry, Orange Goblin, Nebula
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By Edward Gerard Brophy for Born Again Nihilist and Grip of Delusion, 2011.


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