Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Should be Listening to... Baroness

In a perfect world, Baroness would need no introduction, but, circumstances as imperfect as they are, this simply brilliant band are still lurking just north of the underground. Formed in Georgia, the current hotbed of progressive sludge (Kylesa, Damad and Mastodon, to name a few), in 2003 and coming from hardcore stock, the band are carving a path all their own with their impressive blend of prog-metal dexterity with sludge dirt and weight, the whole thing mixed with melodic elements of post-hardcore. The result is a sound that was captured on their first full-length record, the perfection of 2007's 'The Red Album'. If you haven't heard this record, fuck me, you are missing out!!! If you ignore every other recommendation Nihilist makes, please! for the sake of your mental health, heed this one! Here's a live taste of personal favourite 'Isak'. 


Edward Gerard Brophy,

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