Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Should Be Listening To . . Luminous Black!

We here at Born Again Nihilist read a lot of band bios and the like in the course of our  shuffling round  our daily filthy business, and suffice to say, some could do with a bit of jazzing up.After all, while you may indeed  practice eight hours a day in yer mum's garden shed, and list off a ream of influences from Slayer to Liberace, it sometimes does no harm to jazz things up and embellish your band history a bit.For example, take this , er, left field effort from excellent Kildare, Ireland stoner trio Luminous Black:

"Fed up with hanging around in people's back yards, porches and front gardens, the 3 cosmic gnomes, known collectively as Luminous Black, decided to find the once fabled planet of Gēnomos. having scavenged parts for a ship they set out with some of their close friends and personal trainers to find their lost homeworld . . . now they are out in space, all alone, without a home . . "

It is this tongue in cheek approach, along with some seriously groovy , fuzzed out hard rock tunes that marks LB out as something a little bit special.After all, who could seriously dislike a band with  songs  with such wonderfully off the wall titles like 'Swedish Handjob', or the fantastically silly 'Cosmic Gnomes'.Don't be fooled though, these dudes can rock like motherfuckers, and in their heavy as iron boots bluesy stoner rock one can be reminded of everything from early Clutch, to Kyuss, to Orange Goblin and Monster Magnet, with a diversity and subtlety in their songwriting that rewards repeat listens indefinitely.Why not catch this particular six legged riff machine now, before all the cool kids are doing it. . ..

For fans of :Kyuss, Clutch, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Orange Goblin
Listen here:
Stephen O ' Connor

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