Thursday, September 22, 2011

Demo Review - Weed Priest 'Weed Priest'

Tracklisting - 1.Final Spell
                     2.Thy Kingdom Gone
                     3.Sky Daddy

Weed Priest hail from Galway, Ireland, and play the sort of acrid, red eyed lo-fi doom rock that doesn't so much come and kick your ass as lumber into view, grumpily glare from behind a massive joint/SG and then proceed to melt your cerebral cortex, as well as set the auld bowels quaky with a vicious low end bass rumble that Satan himself would wince at.

First track on the demo 'Final Spell', is a prime example, , subterranean bass fuzz, skeletal drumming and eerie, half grunted, half groaned vocals that puts one in mind of  Om's more miserable moments, and then segues into a passage of delicate guitar , complimented by some excellent use of flange effects,as the song wanders off into the shadows in a pleasingly monolithic fashion.Second track 'Thy Kingdom Come' is harder to pin down, a far more sandblasted, desert style approach to it's slabs of molten sludge, with singer Adam's tormented lamentations truly the sound of a man with some seriously fucking harsh demons to exorcise.The collection is rounded out by the tantalising menace of 'Sky Daddy' , a slice of blackened doom so potent in it's smoky menace that it made my eyes water.Throughout, the band maintain an atmosphere of occult misery and menace, and it's safe to say that while you might be over reaching in calling it harrowing, it's certainly one of the harsher doom releases I've heard this year, matching bands like Queen Elephantine in it's  druggy , downbeat fug.

Overall , this is an extremely promising collection of songs from a band clearly versed in their craft, and one that should be investigated by those that like their doom that bit more raw.The only thing letting this down is the slightly lacklustre and at times impenetrable production, which of course is understandable, this being a demo, but perhaps a bit more attention could be paid to mastering when it comes time for a proper EP.Still though, this is unsettling, evil stuff, and well worth checking out.

Rating 7/10
For fans of :Electric Wizard, Queen Elephantine, Mongolia
Listen here:
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