Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Orange Goblin Album on the Way!!

Born Again Nihilist's winged news monkeys of doom brought us in something extra special today, as we have just been informed that UK stoner legends Orange Goblin are putting the finishing touches to vocal tracks on their newest album (ETA March 2012). This is great news for fans of the fuzzed up quartet, as this will be the band's first proper full length effort since 2007's wonderful 'Healing Through Fire' , which is still the underlying cause , we reckon, of BAN's chronic whiplash and latent alcoholism stemming from that era.Expect riffs, riffs and more riffs, along with man mountain Ben Ward 's whiskey and fag soaked roar scaring small children and your parents alike .Did we mention riffs?I think we said that.

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