Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Threefold Law New Mobile Site!

Threefold Law, Cleveland’s doom pioneers and winner of the Soda Shop March Bandness competition announces the launch of their new mobile website and Revenant app for the Droid. Go to http://www.threefoldlaw.com or scan the QR code from any mobile device and get automatically routed to a customized version of the full website with streaming music, live performances, and album reviews.

In addition, Threefold Law presents the “Revenant” app for Droid users. With an intuitive interface and clean design, stream the entire album, read the story, and more. Users of the iPhone, Blackberry, or any handheld device can access Revenant through the mobile site.

So get zapping folks and check out this excellent band , preferably on the bus beside one of those stuffy career blokes with the leather satchels . .. .

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