Friday, September 9, 2011

You Should Be Listening To . .. Druganaut!

Read that band name back.Go on.Just say it to yourself aloud even, and tell me that is not one of the best names for a stoner band ever conceived.Indeed, it seems that Druganaut's entire modus operandi revolves around certain substances that they shouldn't be even thinking of using, the little rascals.If you don't believe me, check out the band's bio on their Facebook page:

"Some bastards out there are on the march to ruin by experimenting with every cheap drug a cheap and nasty city like Newcastle upon Tyne has to offer. Other fools try and dampen the tedium of living in this fucking ugly city by playing in a loud and nasty metal band. The bastards in Druganaut are doing both. Formed at the bottom of a little and empty plastic bag out of the ashes of an over flowing ashtray. Druganaut have scraped their dirty knees on new lows looking for new distractions from the increasingly idiotic imbeceles that dwell in the city that surrounds. These guys play the blues for anyone who likes their blues to be brown and burning in a tea spoon. Metal for folk who want their metal to crumble from the heat of a lighter into a joint. Djent for people who want their djent to fuck right the fuck off and never return the fuck back. The best stoner rock that Newcastle has to offer is here my friends. Come catch it before they all od and die" . . .

Can't argue with that we reckon, especially not when the resulting din sounds as joyfully pissed off and concrete fuckin' heavy as these boyos.Imagine Crowbar , COC, Grand Magus  and Iron Monkey meeting after a night or three on a serious Buckfast and soapbar binge and knocking ten shades of shite out of each other and you'll start to get the gist of Druganaut's down tempo , bluesy racket.This is ugly music for ugly times, and you should be getting your hit as quick as you can before it's too late . . .

For fans of :Crowbar, Orange Goblin, COC,good BLS ,Two Tales Of Woe
Listen to the EP 'Shake Your Bones' @

Stephen O ' Connor, Born Again Nihilist

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