Thursday, October 6, 2011

Album Review - I'll Eat Your Face ' Hot Brains Terror'

Hailing from Cork , Ireland,I'll Eat Your Face are a two piece comprising naught but drums and guitars   that play stripped down , demented, filthy sludge-grind  that is ,as the yanks say, somewhat 'off the reservation' And for that, read absolutely batshit demented.Their last release 'Irritant' was an unhinged journey through some deliciously warped and perverse soundscapes that , while not at all easy listening, was nevertheless worth persevering with.Now they're back with  the brilliantly titled ' Hot Brains Terror', an equally sonically warped and confounding blast of  stripped down  math/grindcore.And it is our great pleasure to announce that it's every bit as fucked up as the last time out.

Opener 'Weasel Tank Slime' lures you in with a quick ambient sample(well swamp sounds) before raping your ears with the band's trademark demented, schizophrenic battery, and quickly segues into second track 'Acid Worm Monsoon' (the average track length is about a minute and a half),  all lurching grooves and passages of psychotic blastbeats, as is the excellently titled(as they all are in fairness) 'Brainwolf:Revenge of the Priest' .'Drowning Dogs in a Swamp' contains some lovely breaks of uneasy but quite pretty post rock guitar in it's sludgy miasma, while 'Enslaved By The Prawnmaster' ( I really want that on a t-shirt) is a frantic rollercoaster ride through  almost black metal bombast.

'Reverse Eagle Embeastment' , with it's ambient ,clean guitar parts and melodic lead breaks, recalls something like early  Russian Circles after a four day speed binge , and is one of the best things on here, while 'The Eels Of Love Lake' weaves a lunging ,sickening sludge riff around a framework of rhythmic complexity and walls of demonic noise,which paves way for  the nausea inducing  grind and polyrhythmic  shifts of ' Castle Of Vomiting Owls' . Closer ' Forever Sealed In The Electric Brains Melting Slug Ray'(fuck it, I want all these on a t-shirt) meanwhile is the only thing on here to really feature anything resembling vocals, if you can call the hideous , warped screams that peek out from underneath the band's leering , heavy as a lead balloon riffing vocals.Comparisons to other bands seem a tad pointless, but imagine if you will  ,Lifesblood-era Mastodon jamming with/buggering artnoise lunatics The Locust, while Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan violently  masturbate  over cheap video nasties in the corner. A refreshingly noisy concoction that might not appeal to everyone, but it's unlikely that a band who coined the term 'Supergrind' and describe themselves as "two retards without a shred of decency" will give a shit or even notice.Cherish them and their mad ways.

For fans of :The Locust, Converge, Ten Past Seven, Nasum, Yakuza
Listen/Download the album here :
Stephen O ' Connor

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