Sunday, October 16, 2011

You Should Be Listening To . . .Backchat!

Well holy sheet, this one's fresher n a drunk before payday folks! Backchat hail from Kiev, Ukraine, and are only active since Autumn 2010, and have only recently hit the studio, to record three tracks of some of the most blistering , piss and vinegar punk metal Nihilist has heard in quite some time. Pitched somewhere between the old school filthy southern thrash groove of Superjoint Ritual , the crusty aggression  of Disfear/Nausea  and the low slung groove of early Motorhead, with the odd nod towards black metal for good measure. The combined din sounds not unlike the more accessible moments of Boston hardcore heroes Converge filtered through the attitude and swagger of  The Bronx, and tempered with the stripped down punky spite of early Dillinger Escape Plan . Hit play.Hit play again.Air drum like a motherfucker, and  then hit play again, cos you love us  that much .. . .

For fans of : The Bronx, Converge , Immortal, Disfear, Motorhead, Bison BC
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 Stephen O ' Connor

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