Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Album That Changed My Life - The Cars Self Titled Debut by Paul Gillett

If i had to pick one single album that changed my perspective more
than any other it would have to be The Cars Self titled Debut album.
Growing up, my dad was always a Rock fan. He was always listening to
The Doors, Van Halen, Zeppelin. One day I was digging around in some
old boxes in the basement due to sheer boredom. I came across a
cassette of The Cars, this was probably 1992-1993 time frame. I had
never heard of this band before so I put it in my trusty tape player.
I was instantly blown away by the first side of the tape, it was
nothing liek the grunge stuff that was all over the radio!  With
tracks like Good Times Roll,My Best Friend's Girl, Don't Cha Stop I
was hooked. Then.... I found the second side of the tape, it was like
pure sonic heaven. Moving in Stereo and All Mixed Up just blew my mind
and made me want to listen to all the music I could get my hands on.

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