Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Album Review - Heavy Glow-'Midnight Moan'

We 're a bit late in reviewing this one it seems, seeing as Heavy Glow released this album as far back as the middle of last year,but hey , better late than ever, and in the case of this sublime, hard rocking trio, that is most definitely the case, seeing as it's probably one of the best and most satisfying examples of pure , old fashioned hard rock we've heard around these parts for quite some time.

Already a favourite of the respectable mainstream media(Classic Rock have included the band on a previous compilation) , Heavy Glow's sound is a mix of the warm, bluesy swagger of The Black Keys, the sweaty , primal stomp of Wooly Mammoth and Truckfighters, and even, in places, the grandiose stomp of Led Zeppelin in their prime. First track 'Lose My Mind' is all come hither guitar pomp and fantastically loose , raw blue leads.'Slave Dance' is a slow burning blues number with some remarkable guitar work from frontman Jared Mullins, while 'All My Money' is so irresistibly catchy and toe tappingly infectious, it's liable to be included on some third world country's banned materials list sometime soon . .

Throughout, the production is fantastically old school , and authentically raw, without being so self consciously retro it becomes a gimmick.Indeed, the band skirt the usual classic rock cliches by simply writing fantastic songs, whether it be the desert rock gut punch of 'Collide' , or the closing , epic throwdown 'Diggin A Ditch' , the band keep the emphasis on groove and maintaining the summery , breezy, couldn't give a fuck vibe that permeats the album.However, as with anything this effortlessly good,there's clear effort on the part of the band, and it's refreshing to hear a modern day heavy rock band that lets their instrumentation breathe, and doesn't simply rely on lashing on the distortion to compensate for lazy songwriting.Nor is this any kind of dad rock throwback.Indeed, when the band want to, they can rock like motherfuckers.This is music to get drunk to, get high to, get you laid.Summer can't come quick enough . . .

For fans of: The Black Keys, QOTSA, Wooly Mammoth, Chocolate Love Factory

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