Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ep Review - Caveman Voicebox 'Strippers, Mullets and Beer'

Judging by that title, you might be under the assumption that Caveman Voicebox, of Fullerton , CA, play the kind of shit kicking rock and roll that sounds best when played while slugging a cold one, while chatting up some rough as all hell hot biker momma while bearded men offer each other out for a punch up outside . . and, well , you'd be exactly right.

Drawing influence from early Motorhead, Zz Top, Rose Tattoo, the nastier , grimier parts of early AC/DC and nailing it together with a little bit of punk rock fury, CV play a kind of punk n ' roll/stoner hybrid, owing as much to the yobbish attitude of Black Flag and Stiff Little Fingers as they do Fu Manchu. First song ' After What she Said ' is a catchy terrace anthem with some awesome boogie rock swagger, while the gloriously titled ' Banana' is the sound of Status Quo's bastard misbehaved children swigging cheap cider and kicking in car windows , which is obviously, a good thing.The standout track is ' Forsaken Place', which takes the bollocks in a wheelbarrow hard rock riffola of Unida, and injects it with a little backstreet piss n 'vinegar.

All in all , this is an extremely promising debut from a relatively new outfit, and while it may not be the most original sounding record in the world, it has enough attitude and bile to stand on it's own as an eminently enjoyable and listenable little record.More of the same please , gents.

Rating: 6/10
For fans of : Ac/Dc, Rose Tattoo, Unida , Fu Manchu, Motorhead
Stephen O ' Connor

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