Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"The Seventh Seal" by J. Thorn of Threefold Law

One of our Ohio friends has been busy pursuing his passion other than music!

J. Thorn of the band Threefold Law is a horror and fantasy fiction writer who's work can be found on Amazon. Below is a link where you can pick up the Kindle Edition for yourself. Check it out, and while your at it give Threefold Law a listen too!

Dig the description:

"Bikers, babes, and guns. The Seventh Seal, a ripping ride through post-apocalyptic Cleveland, has bullied its way into the #6 spot on the Amazon Kindle Best Sellers Top 100 Paid list for Contemporary Fantasy and #12 in Action/Adventure. If you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy and Mad Max, you’ll dig this."

The Seventh Seal, by J. Thorn of Threefold Law --

Edward Gerard Brophy, bornagainnihilist@gmail(dot)com


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  2. Thanks, brother! For a limited time, I'll "GIFT" any of your readers the book from Amazon for Kindle and digitally SIGN/personalize it for an honest REVIEW. Message me if you're interested and get the book on your Kindle today!