Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Single Review-The Axehead Journal- 'Desert Soul'

Label: Cozmopolitan Media

In the words of Mr Sulu himself, George Takei: Oh myyyyyy . ..

The Axhead Journal describe themselves as an avant-garde rock band ,and are based in London, UK.The band are spearheaded by chief instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, the enigmatically named 'Guigz', and this, their newest single, entitled 'Desert Soul' , is . . .well to be honest , it's a bit of a head-fuck  . . . .

The song opens with some shimmering guitar delay,overlayed with heavily auto-tuned vocals,nice really , but a little odd for a Nihilist submission.However, the song builds, and builds, and up around the 1.30 mark, suddenly things shift up a gear, a pounding beat leading into, and here comes the head-fuck part, one of the gnarliest fuzz-rock riffs we've heard in some while, before seguing into a segment of NIN- esque industrial sturm und drang , before breaking out , again , all desert-sleaze ,the vocals stripped now of all dressing, throaty, lip-curled snarl throwing out lusty  missives over some propulsive drumming and hooks the size of Oprah's  . . .bank account. It's a wild meld of styles, and impossible to convey in print, but try and imagine if you will, Truckfighters jamming with Pendulum, while Bon Iver spars with Pitchshifter in the corner.It's propulsive , nasty, sweet, serene even in places, while in others containing riffs that 'll peel the paint from your walls.

In the true spirit of all things new, and untested, this will probably divide those who hear it, and there are some who may detest it's disregard of the usual stoner rock cliches.However, there are those who'll love that same disregard,the deconstruction of a sound, and  the reassembling of it's component parts into a joyous Frankenstein's monster of hooks, riffs and good old fashioned rock and roll swagger. Give it a go, you may just find that new sound you didn't know you were looking for. . .

For fans of: Truckfighters, Qotsa, Pendulum, Death From Above 1979,Daft Punk

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Stephen O Connor

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