Tuesday, August 14, 2012

EP Review - Shit The Cow ' Volume/Cow'

Location: Sweden

Shit the Cow . . .what?What did the cow do?  Before I've even listened to a note of self-described "scrapyard rockers" Shit the Cow,I'm struck by that cosmically awesome  question.In the immortal words of George Carlin, it's my job to think goofy shit. But anyway . . . .

Bizarre and (to me anyways) thought provoking name aside, Shit the Cow's debut EP, 'volume/Cow' is a fairly enjoyable effort, if at times a little lighter on the sonic palette than a lot of other BAN submissions. Opener 'Head Over Wheels' is a breezy slice of garage-punk that recalls the likes of Radio Birdman and Bobby Conn , jaunty riffing aplenty and packing  a fair amount of bubblegum pop charm. 'Darkness Neverending' shakes it's moneymaker like something Dave Wyndorf  might listen to on his day off, hoovering his space-lord abode (he has to give those intergalactic pleasure slaves  a couple of days off here and there after all), a neat, almost disco groove inherent within that's sure to worm it's way into your head and stay there for days.

Things drop down a gear for the somewhat self-consciously  titled 'Shit the Cow is on fire', but it has to be said, the band's breezy,  upbeat charm wears thin quite quickly, and by now things start to get a little repetitive. By the time closing track 'Holy Cow' lumbers into view, the band have lapsed into a sound somewhere between Electric Six and Adam Ant, another slice of heavy disco-tinged garage rock with a bizarrely new-wave sounding chorus.

To be honest, there's nothing particularly wrong with 'volume/Cow' , but there's nothing  especially exciting about it either. The band clearly have fun doing what they do, and the EP actually sounds quite good, a tight and  professional sounding production tying things together quite nicely.But the band's relentlessly cheery veneer, plus their refusal after the opener to inject a little pace into proceedings, don't make for a remarkably enthralling listen.For a debut though, it's a decent effort, just slightly wide of the mark this time out.

Rating :5/10
For fans of: The Hellacopters, Terrorvision, Steriogram, Monster Magnet
Listen here: http://soundcloud.com/shit-the-cow  

Stephen O' Connor

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