Monday, August 6, 2012

Single Review -Chocolate Love Factory 'Motivator'

Release Date: 08th August 2012

There are many reasons to love Armagh, NI  scuzz punks Chocolate Love Factory.The fact that their name sounds like a seventies porno for one,  a porno replete with John Holmes(bush intact,  kids) charming Swedish volleyball players with those cold dead eyes and  that spectacular coke-flake filled tache.Or maybe just the fact that their music is fucking filthy, in the best possible way,  a heady cocktail of low slung garage rock sleaze, planet sized fuzzy  riffs and punk rock snottiness.'Motivator' is the newest single by the guitar raping trio, and it's nothing short of a monster.

Produced with a slightly more mainstream sensibility than tracks off the band's 'Octavia' EP, 'Motivator'  sidles up to you in a relatively poppy fashion, possibly to throw various law enforcement off their case, with a hooky , almost pop-rock riff welded to a breezy vocal line, before pulling a fast one on you and exploding in one of the band's trademark shit fits,guitars pushed too hard, bass over distorted, vocals far too cheerily demented for comfort.It's a rare thing these days to find a band who rock this hard and still find time to write a hook that gets stuck in your cranium for days, and days. . . . .and possibly months, I'll let you know . . .  Stylistically the band put one in mind of grunge godfathers Mudhoney smoking a skinny , skanky spliff  out the back with Swedish titans Truckfighters while Jack White gets a hurried,  shameful  blow job from Josh Homme (one for your next book there,  E.L James). The soundtrack to a night of debauchery and instant regrets.Play.Fucking Loud.

For fans of :Truckfighters/QOTSA/Nebula/Mondo Generator/The Stooges
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Stephen O ' Connor

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