Thursday, January 24, 2013

Download of the week- Aleph Null- 'Belladonna EP/'Dale' EP


Ok so we're cheating a little bit here,as this is technically two releases.But when it's German sludge/prog titans Aleph Null we're talking about, we can surely bend (our own) rules a little.'Belladonna' is the latest effort by the the power trio, and contains within it four tracks of awesome psyche-tinged sludge metal, with the odd prog detour(the gorgeous instrumental  'Gagarin' being a prime example). The band's sound has gotten more expansive since debut offering 'Dale', with nods to space-rock and even drone embedded in their earth-shattering grooves, all overlaid with singer Philip's ethereal and unique melodic vocals.Already a strong contender for our end of year Top Ten, and free to download to boot . . .

And of course, speaking of that debut . . .  'Dale' has also been marked as a free download, the perfect time to either revisit, or if you haven't had the privilege yet, to discover for the first time possibly one of the most compelling bands in the underground sludge scene.One of last year's standout releases, 'Dale'  is the more accessible of the two EPs, the band marrying tar thick , sludge riffing to grungy vocals and a sense of atmosphere seldom found on similar releases.Essential listening,for any right thinking fan of  heavy music.

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