Friday, May 24, 2013

EP Review - Bite The Bullet- 'Bite The Bullet'

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Label:Bi-Location Records

Maybe it's a happy by-product of the digital age, where works of art that have been slaved over and hewn from the literal blood sweat and tears of their creators can be easily downloaded, chewed up and spat out by  cretinous Justin Bieber fans, but it seems more and more bands in the stoner/doom/psyche  underground are seeking to claw their way back to simpler, more analogous times, a time of Beat Club and bad hair dos,where tape and wax reigned supreme.Some bands of course pull this off better than others; for every Graveyard or Electric Taurus making great, authentic seventies tinged rock, there's ten dipshits in TopShop flares murdering the ghost of Mountain with their vicious caterwauling.Anyone remember Wolfmother?


Happily, Denmark's Bite The Bullet fall into the former camp, and on this self titled debut EP, one can hear an obvious affection for all things vintage, warm and fuzzy.A heady blend of styles , ranging from driving power pop to dramatic, fuzzed out rock freakouts, Bite The Bullet  is a delight.Opener 'I Feel Love'  is a stormer , a killer soul vocal welded to walls of Muff-bitten bass and reverb drenched piano.'Hit The Ground' is somewhere between a more laid back MC5 and the eclectic genius of garage rock icon Bobby Conn, while ' Space Drums' hints at the bellicose magic of prime The Doors.The production throughout is authentically rough and ready, this is no cheap nostalgia trip, and one can buzz off the fumes of burning amps and hot tape throughout.

Things get a little weirder on closer 'My Soul', a spacy psyche pop number with some wonderfully skewed vocals and over saturated guitar work that just begs to be played at full volume from an open top Cadillac while smoking some quality green and your lawyer in the side seat, advising you to take another hit because Las Vegas is just around the corner.Truly awesome stuff, and a band you'll surely be hearing more of.


For fans of: Graveyard, Mountain, Deep Purple, The Doors

Listen to them here:



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