Friday, December 24, 2010

Lost Classic - Taint 'Secrets And Lies'

Sometimes life can be fair  , just , and balanced , with the universe  monitoring everything with a watchful eye and everyone and everything getting their just desserts . Think for example , the Coens finally getting that Oscar. Or France being  tossed out of the world cup early .

However more often than not  , life is hideously unfair  , and  when Swansea rockers Taint announced this year that after 14 years of  plying their trade to general indifference , they were to call an end to their endeavours and go their separate ways , reactions ranged from dismay from hardcore fans , to indifference and general confused mutterings of "who the hell are Taint?" from everyone else.

Which is a shame , because with the dismantling of Taint ,the rock world lost one it's most uniquely talented and original bands . Starting out as a hardcore band in the early nineties , Taint released a string of demos , splits and compilation efforts ,until the release of their debut effort 'The Ruin Of  Nova Roma' in 2005 established them as one of the most exciting names on the British underground scene.

With the release of 'Secrets And Lies' in 2007 however , Taint were able to show they were in a different ball park altogether. A potent blend of heaviness , songwriting suss and genuine emotion , 'Secrets And Lies' is simply stunning, from the opening groove laden salvo of 'Hex Breaker' to the bizzare rhythmic shifts of 'Born Again Nihilist ,' to the majestic  , flute laden(!) 'What The Crow Saw'  , 'Secrets And Lies' is chock full of would be classics .

Sadly , after plugging away largely unnoticed by a  British rock scene more interested in an artist's hair-cut than any musical ability for nearly two deacdes , the band decided to call it a day less than three months ago  , bowing out with the  marvellous  four track EP 'All Bees To The Sea' . Listening to 'SAL', one can only feel a twang of bitterness at a world  that allows  Suicide Silence to  even be let near an instrument while masses ignore the sheer rock fury of a band as great as Taint.

I leave you with this nugget of fried gold. Play Loud.

Stephen O ' Connor

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