Friday, December 24, 2010


It's been my ambition for a while to set up a proper music and arts  blog , but the combination of college , work, and pure laziness has been a major obstacle for a while , however with the advent of a new year and me halfway through my 22nd year on this earth I decided to get a move on .Bornagainnihilist  , in the coming months , will hopefuly cover sand uncover some great music , as well as showcase underground and alternative movies , comedy , and arts stuff , as well as the odd random funny aside , purely for my own amusement!

About myself-  I am 22 years old , male , currently studying television and film production in Bray ,Co.Wicklow , as well as working in a Dept store to keep myself going ( which has it's good and bad days , mostly bad), and sing lead vocals with Pariah , a stoner/alternative/hard rock/prog/grunge outfit based in Dublin , I am in a very happy long term relationship  and have ambitions of one day visiting Ulanbataar ,Mongolia.

Why I don't know.

Anyone is free to contribute an article to BAN , simply email me an idea or finished piece to , it doesn't matter what about , and I will consider it for inclusion. Comments ,opinions and recommendations also welcome.

So please do follow , and read with an open mind  ,
Be seeing yas soon!
The Born Again Nihilist

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