Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pulpit @ The Grand Social- Review

The Pulpit Live at The Grand Social- Thursday 13th of January
It's been a while since The Pulpit graced a Dublin stage with their sublime surf pop  ,and as they hit the stage if the Grand Social tonight , frontwoman Laura Lovejoy apologizes   in advance if the band seem out of practice .It's a good thing she mentions it , because otherwise the rapt audience tonight wouldn't have a clue , the band sounding tighter than they ever have . The warm and stylish environs of upstairs in The Grand Social  , complete with red velvet curtains and obligatory cheesy disco light, are the perfect place then to enjoy an hour   
of sassy, dance along electro tinged surf pop.

The band are on top form , Lovejoy's vocals clear as day and backed by the caveman on crack drumming of Neil Mooney and Evan O Leary's almost menacingly bassy keys  , which make a strong case for the mass extinction of bass players everywhere . Lovejoy herself is on top form , her well placed surf licks adding to an already heady cocktail . The set is also pleasingly varied this time out, and highlights include the sarky stomp of 'Political Correctness Gone Mad' and the almost girl-group stylings of 'I'm A Wonderful Human Being'  .

The band finish up on the deliriously catchy surf -punk workout that is 'Paula' , and as we file out , it can be agreed at least that tonight , everyone got their money's worth .
Rating - 8/10

Stephen O' Connor

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