Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Murdock/Hero In Error/Lower Than Atlantis/Your Demise Gig Review

Your Demise/Lower Than Atlantis/Hero In Error/Murdock-Fibber Magee's- Saturday 15th of January , 2011
There's no denying that over the last few months , Demented Promotions have pretty much cornered the market in great hardcore gigs , and also managed to book some of the best Irish and international talent out there.So it's heartening to see them continue that trend with tonight's openers Murdock ( 9/10) , who , with their indefinable blend of sludgy metallic grooves , well placed thrash runs , and a pleasingly twisted approach to arrangements , damn near steal the show . I might also like to add that their drummer is one of the happiest  I have ever seen.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Hero In Error(8/10) , what with injuries mounting up and losing a guitarist , so one might expect a slightly subdued set from the Dublin quintet tonight . Happily, that's not the case , and the band instead tear through  several tracks off 'The High Point Of New Lows' like men possessed  , finishing on the now obligatory  , roar-along ,'Port In The Storm' .

Lower Than Atlantis(7/10)  , from the UK , have been gaining some popularity this side of the Irish Sea of late, no doubt thanks to latest albums 'Far Q''s clever songwriting and interesting nuanced songs . However tonight unfortunately sound is not their friend , and their set at times descends into a bass heavy mess , especially galling as we can see the band playing their hearts out .Still , the band's energy seems to win them a few new fans  , and it's always nice to hear a hardcore band using their own accents for once.

And so on to Your Demise(6/10) , also from the UK. It's not that the band are bad , or lack energy , but there is the feeling that we have heard this many , many times before.The band's metalcore/groove leanings are at times achingly over familiar , and aren't helped out hugely by  a slightly messy sound.  That said , the band put on a good show , and are tight as a drum in every other respect. Closer 'Burnt Tongues' manages to end their set on a good note though , and overall it's been another success for the Demented stable.

Stephen O ' Connor

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