Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scavengers/Complan/Etcha/Chewing On Tinfoil In The Mercantile , Dame St 19/01/11- Gig Review

The ears are still ringing from Saturday night's Demented show in Fibber's, and by the sounds of it as we walk into The Mercantile tonight , I can kiss hearing anything below a certain frequency goodbye for quite some time.It's loud in here , VERY fucking loud , but that's the way I like it.It's also sounding electric , the kick drum thumping you in the gut like it's supposed to , and a brilliant ,  clear mix overall .,Here  , evidently ,  is a sound man who knows what he's doing.

First up and straight off the blocks are Scavengers (10/10)  , who proceed to nearly level the venue with a set that takes in twenty years of post-hardcore,post-punk and good old fashioned rock and roll and blends them all into one noisy , compelling cocktail. Playing together since the age of 14 , the band have an easy and assured stage presence , and  show more invention and songwriting skill in their short set than some bands manage in whole careers.Expect big things from these guys in 2011.

It's a hard act to follow but Complan (8/10) just about  manage it , their brand of NWOBHM tinged hardcore keeping the energy levels in the red for the evening. This is punk like Mum used to make , brash , loud and in your face , and pleasingly heavy to boot, with a frontman who spends roughly half the set in the crowd, and in people's faces , and a band clearly not averse to a decent riff. Solid , entertaining stuff.

Etcha (9/10) have grown tenfold as a live act in recent months , morphing from a slightly shy , fun lo-fi pop punk band into  fully fledged  world- beating pop-rock monsters , with emphasis on the rock . They are on stirling  form tonight , tracks from recent EP 'Never Weaken' sitting comfortably alongside older   tunes like 'Best Served Chilled '. The band also seem fuller and and more confident , former sticksman Shane Masterson acquiting himself well  as co-frontman alongside Robert Murray ,the two complimenting each other well and the band overall sounding tighter than a wasp's arse.

And so on to Chewing On Tinfoil ( 8/10) , never a band I have been crazy about , however judging by tonight's rock solid , energetic and crucially fun performance , I might have to reconsider my views. And anyways nobody really gives a shit what I think , not when they're bouncing along to some of the most insanely infectious ska-punk since Capdown  saxed it up not too long ago . The band are off to the States at the time of writing on tour , and judging by tonight , may end up teaching the Yanks a thing or two bout the art of skank. Overall , a fun , solid gig , more like this please Demented!
Stephen O ' Connor

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