Thursday, January 27, 2011

Terrible Videos # 2 - Mendeed 'The Dead Live By Love'

Ok so let me start by saying I actually quite like this song , and Mendeed, it's a great catchy number , with some deadly guitar.But that video- jesus.Just watch it for a second.Go on , I'm making coffee anyways.

Done? Or couldnt finish it? Either way, it's never pretty.For starters, never use cotton buds and a fan as a substitute for a proper snow machine , especially as it'll get in your hair . ..

Second, it's a horrible cliche to have some bird you're all mates with , wandering around in a wedding dress you clubbed in and got in Oxfam.On offer .Never mind that the poor girl just looks confused throughout the video , and to add to that, QUITE COLD. On offer. Cradle Of Filth can just about get away with that kooky spookiness, as they all look like ladyboys at a Sisters Of Mercy gig anyways. But Mendeed, you 're just too nice and well , Scottish looking for that kind of carry on.

All this would be excusable of course, if the video hadn't obviously been filmed on a crappy video camera , with seemingly no lighting , and inexplicably, mostly from behind a bush , making it seem like the band are being spied on by perverts.Throughout the band  just look as if they'd rather be at home jamming within close reach of a kettle . Nonsense.Still , great song though .


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