Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lost Classics Eyehategod-'Confederacy of Ruined Lives' 2000

In this work a day world , we are always being told  by those suppsedly  in the know to stay 'positive' , and to  maintain a healthy outlook on life, with the result that one can be quite disoriented by a constant barrage of  feel good imagery and anodine self help platitudes.Thank fuck then ,  for bands like New Orleans's Eyehategod, possibly the band most likely to simultaneously ruin your day and make you feel like life's just that little bit more worthwhile.

Bluesier and more subtle in it's songwriting than previous efforts 'Take As Needed For Pain' , 'In The Name Of Suffering' and 'Dopesick, 'Confederacy Of Ruined Lives' is nevertheless an at times overpowering cocktail of swampy ,downtuned sludge , music that Sabbath might make if suffering from serious delirious tremens and deprived of any love as children.From stomping opener 'Revelation/Revolution ' , right through to the final agonized throes of closer 'Corruption Scheme' ,'Confederacy' rarely lets up in its ferocity, yet there is a welcome sense of warmth  and restraint here that was missing from earlier efforts , and a of a band finally coming into their own as musicians ,evidenced by tunes like the irrestible sludge- and- roll racket  of  almost-hit of 'Jackass In The Will Of God',  and the old school doom riffola of '99 Miles Of Road' .Singer Mike Williams' vocals meanwhile betray a sense of a man very much riding a handcart to hell and loving every second , sounding as  lovably pissed off , and pissed up, as ever

With the very welcome news that this year the band will finally unveil a follow up , 'Whiskey Drink'  , it's a very warm welcome back to these sludge-metal psychos , and it's actually quite a nice feeling to know that sometime in the near future, a whole new wave of pissed off  neighbours and outraged parents are to be introduced to the pure sonic might of one of the stoner underground's finest.For now , here's a little something to keep you going.

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