Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Releases Heaven by an excited metal fan . . . .

Well it looks like 2011 , and in particular the month of September,  may just yet be a vintage year for metal releases folks , as titans such as Opeth, Mastodon, Eyehategod, and the legendary Primus return to the fold.Here's a quick look at what's in store from some of these monsters

Opeth- "Heritage"
Unveiled just today was a teaser from Swedish metal legends Opeth's new release, entitled 'The Devil's Orchard(see video)'.Produced once again by Porcupine Tree mainman Steven Wilson, it would seem that 'Heritage' may be the band's most radical departure from the band's death metal roots since the laid back, plaintive 'Damnation' way back in 2004.On the subject of the record , frontman Mikael Akerfeldt had this to say

[I]t feels like I’ve been building up to write for and participate on an album like this since I was 19. . .."

It would appear that the band have fully embraced the more melodic, psychedelic side of their sound , as hinted at on their last effort, the brilliant 'Watershed', and with their past form, plus the startling new direction eviden by even one listen to 'The Devil's Orchard' it's probably safe to say this may just be the metal release of the year
ETA: September16th

Mastodon - "The Hunter"
After the blinding, career making  collection of songs that was 'Crack The Skye',  ,Atlanta mentalists Mastodon might have been forgiven for phoning it in a little with their newbie,or even just scraping together a 'Best Of' and fucking off to tinker around with various side bands(cough Tool cough), but no , it seems this  particular ten legged riff monster has plenty of life in it yet .Check out their new song 'Black  Tongue' , and tell me it's not the gnarliest thing you've heard in a long time .
Gutarist/Singer Brent Hinds stated recently, in typical understated Mastodon fashion , that 'The Hunter' would : "inspire drunkenness and public nudity" .
No fucking doubt buddy.
ETA: 27/09/11

Primus- " Green Naugahyde"
On the funkier side of things, it would appear that bizarro-rock  icons Primus have returned from something of a temporary exile to deliver some new tunes, one of which is the jaunty 'Tragedy's a Coming', below: 
Whether or not the band can recapture past glories is yet to be seen, or rather heard, but it's still great to have them back, if only for the opportunity to hear Claypool mindfuck a new generation of journalists with his bizarre patter, and if you don't exactly see where I'm coming from, then let the following video clear that one up for you.
ETA: September 13th

Eyehategod "Whiskey Drink"
It's been quite a while since southern sludge psychos Eyehategod graced us with new material, eleven years in fact, with the  sublimely disgusting 'Confederacy Of Ruined Lives'. However, the band have apparently been holed up writing new material, among which is this nasty little gem :
Love them or hate them, EHG are one of the most influential of the Southern sludge metal set, and a live force to be reckoned with , and anticipation for this record amongst fans of hardbitten, ugly, dirty heavy metal should be starting to soar , in the same way that neighbours of said fans should probably start booking a nice weekend break somewhere. .  . .

Stephen O ' Connor
For Bornagainnihilist

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