Thursday, August 11, 2011

Born Again Nihilist Digs...2D!

A wonderfully simple new series, intellectually named "B.A.N Digs...", where we offer up things we love and why we love them, whatever they may be. First up: 2D movies!

Mark Kermode predicts the end of the tyranny of 3D cinema and offers the evidence to support it. Thank Christ! Ever since Avatar I have been waiting and waiting for this industry pushed fad to run itself out and if Kermode is right then it's happening even sooner than expected. It was shit to begin with, quite frankly. I can honestly say I have never been wowed by any 3D film of the past few years and am very glad to see that audiences are now agreeing with their arses (that's a reference to the 'bums on seats' analogy, just to be clear!)

Enjoy your films in 2D. There are reasons why Kubrick, Herzog and the Coen Brothers have never used 3D and why Michael Bay does...

Edward Gerard Brophy for Born Again Nihilist 2011.


  1. Captain america throws his shield at the screen! It almost hit me!

  2. I heard from a friend who saw it in 3D that it was the only moment appropriate for 3D

  3. Best 3d i have seen was a movie about the ocean narrated by Jim Carey, on an imax screen. it was incredible, the depth of view. i have seen several 3d movies since and nothing compared to that documentary.

  4. I remember seeing a space documentary in 3D Imax when I was a young lad. I think it was in the Science Museum in London. Now that was something worth putting to 3D.