Friday, August 12, 2011

You Should Be Listening To... High on Fire

Today we're enjoying some High on Fire, Matt Pike's post-Sleep band that took its crafted stoner sound and introduced more traditional metal influence, resulting in a speedier sound that's unfathomably heavy! Most of the time Pike's guitars sound like concrete; hard, dry and thick as fuck. High on Fire have been at it about 10 years now and their influence is beginning to show itself, check out this from 'Let The Night Roar' for the proof. And it looks as if I'm not the only one thinking this:

High on Fire are a band to catch NOW, and I say that because I love the band and I am afraid that they might be past their prime. Their last album, 'Snakes For The Divine', was a little disappointing I thought. The band seemed to be going for a standard metal production which really does not suit their loose, raw sound. It's not bad but it doesn't hold up next to their older work, some of which you can here now!

Or for something more comparable to 'Let The Night Roar', check this one (play loud!)


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