Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Album Review -Aliases 'Safer Than Reality'(Basick)

When tech metal gods Sikth disbanded in 2008, the metal underground lost one it's most unique and talented members, but such is the way of the cruel business we know as music.Thankfully, fans craving their fix of demented UK tech metal can rejoice,because guitarist Graham 'Pin' Pinney is back shredding away, with the rather spiffing Aliases.

One of Sikth's best points was, unlike other exponents of tech/noisecore, they always managed to write some great, memorable songs, and throw some hooks into the melee, and on this front Aliases don't disappoint, with the massive chorus of opener , and current single 'What' Left For Us' worming it's way into your subconscious  almost straight away, and then not leaving FOR FUCKING DAYS.Indeed, the whole album is pleasingly accessible, singer Jay Berast particularly impressive , and surprisingly diverse, changing in a  heartbeat from throat shredding howls to  a Patton esque croon .But fear not ,there is still grooves and riffs aplenty, with guitar work from Pinney and new riffing partner Leah Woodward that is at times terrifying in it's precision and technicality.Indeed the whole band acquit themselves amazingly well, Darren Pugh's octopus-on -crack drumming creating a fulcrum from which around the madness can strike out.  .Just pay witness to the sickening lurch of 'While I Drown', or the schizo blast of 'The Reality Of Beliefs' to hear the band in full flight, a veritable maelstrom of nausea inducing grooves and nagging hooks that is almost shocking in it's immediacy and power.

It feels almost rude to the band, on reflection then, to refer to this remarkable debut as tech, or that dreaded , silly term, Djent metal .This is , plain and simple, a great metal album, well written catchy songs, a fantastic production, and , it goes without saying, some of the most astonishing musicianship you'll hear this year.Check it out, you never know, it may just blow ya mind.

Rating :8/10
For fans of : Sikth,The  Dillinger Escape Plan, Protest The Hero , Tesseract
Listen/Buy the album  here: http://basickrecords.bandcamp.com/album/safer-than-reality
Stephen O ' Connor , for Born Again Nihilist

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