Saturday, August 13, 2011

B.A.N Digs...Fan Videos That REALLY Do Work!

Search for any moderately well known band on Youtube and you will finds a huge amount of music videos, made by fans for certain songs. Now, 99 out of 100 of these tend to be rubbish. The footage doesn't flow with the music, it doesn't capture the mood and may just be simply inappropriate to the song. I don't want to put a downer on the people who like to make these videos at all, I think it's a lovely demonstration of a labour of love. Some of these, however, stand out against the rest. Videos that have been inspired and well thought out, and I'm going to show you a few personal favourites now.

First up is ALEATTITUDE's video for Melvins 'A History of Bad Men', featuring footage from the film 'Sin City'.

The 'music-meets-movie' is probably the most common kind of fan-made video. Here's another, this one from CubicleWarfare666: High on Fires' 'Turk' meets 'Braveheart'.

I'm not the biggest fan of Braveheart but High on Fire music set to scenes of war is just gorgeous!
Next is The Hidden Hand's 'Vulcans Children' by Akultra, reposted by WINORULES, a channel that's always a joy to visit! A psychedelic, colourful sci-fi mind rush!

The oddly named scuranima made this stunning video for the Oceansize track 'Savant'. Taken from a scene from Disney's 'Fantasia'.

Finally, my personal best, fuzzjunky's video for Kyuss' 'Molten Universe'. Lovers of the majesty and sheer fuckin' BIGNESS of nature will love this one. A perfect example of getting the flow of the footage to match that of the music, therefore complimenting it and making for a fuller experience.

Well that's it for this B.A.N Digs. Savour these videos now because many have already been taken down since YouTube began cracking down on copyright infringement. Love them while you can!

Edward Gerard Brophy digs Born Again Nihilist...that's why he writes for it! :)

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