Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clutch Perform New Song At Beer Launch Party

Big props to the folks over at the excellent Soda Shop for this bit of fried gold( go over and give it a read at )  .It would seem that not content with being one of the gnarliest , most badass bands around, Clutch have now set their sights on the world of alcoholic refreshment, with American brewing folk New Belgium set to launch  a special Clutch beer in the Maryland rock meisters honour.Fittingly, it's a whopping nine per cent,and is available in 22 oz bottles. The band also used the occasion of the launch of this 'dark sour ale' to premiere a new song, which we are please to announce is , well fuck it, it's Clutch, and therefore wicked.Check it out,while I  hunt down some of that Clutch beer.Nom  Nom Nom . . ..

Stephen O ' Connor

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