Friday, September 16, 2011

Terrible Videos # 4

Tis been a while since we ploughed through the depths of the netherweb to bring you one of these, but seeing as I'm hungover and a wee bit grumpy, I thought it might be fun to laugh at a bit of cheese.So for your viewing pleasure, we present ...   .Thor!!!

So what makes it a terrible video?Well, for starters,how about some of the crappiest video effects known to man, even for it's day,along with some truly DIRE camera work, bollocks acting and the man himself running around  in his  pyjamas grappling with some  poor unfortunate extras in cloaks soundtracked by some truly awful eighties metal shite  that makes even Manowar's lowest points(and that would be fucking  low) sound like Baroness by comparison.Worth watching, if just to see THE worst on screen sword fight of all time  .. . .

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