Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Should Be Listening To... Cultura Tres

A recommendation came our way from Vania Yosifova, of Facebook fame, to check out this band from Venezuela. If you're looking for some new doom based sludge to enjoy, Vania is the one to ask, and sure enough, she was right on the money with this one! This band are currently enjoying a nice bit of success, their recently released LP "El Mal Del Bien" having been well received around the doom community, and it is one to check out, an immense DIY effort if ever you've heard one! So, if you find yourself in one of those inexplicable moods for long drawn out intros, dissonant chords that could frighten a bishop and vocals angrier than a 4 year old who's been given socks for X-mas, then check out Cultura Tres! Keep a keen eye on the Heavy Psych Stoner Doom Rock facebook group for all that you could want in contemporary heaviness, and cheers again to Vania for the introduction.

Edward Gerard Brophy,

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