Sunday, October 23, 2011

Album Review -William English ' Demo'

Track Listing - 1. At Logger's Head
                         2.Cure For The Common Cold

Ok , so it's more of a 'demo' review than an album review , but fuck it, I'm lazy , and it's easier to keep stuff together that's been tagged(thanks Blogger!).William English came to our attention in and around a week ago, and we're glad they did,as the two tracks contained here, recorded live in one day , show  great promise.William English play hardcore tinged sludge metal  with a refreshing sense of grime and nastiness,not to mention a definite crust influence ,that  puts one in mind of  Bacchus or even early Kylesa.The band are  evidently tight as a unit, and the production here, though clearly demo quality, is actually of a very high standard, with a nice sharp mix that's not overly bass heavy .Of the two tracks featured here, 'Cure For The Common Cold' and 'At  Loggers Head', it is the latter which comes out on top, it's  menacing doom intro coalesing into a frenetic hardcore attack before lapsing back into stomping stoner riffing and some nice , narked vocals that add an extra layer of filth.The one thing that lets it down is a slight lack of atmosphere, but to be fair, it is only a day's worth of recording, and the results speak for themselves.

It's hardly the most original sound in the world, but one feels that given more time, and a bit longer gigging and songwriting, William English could become a major force to be reckoned with in underground circles.The band also hint at being an awesome live unit, and with bands like these guys SIGIRIYA and BAN faves Druganaut tearing it up across the Irish Sea, one can clearly see that the UK is fast becoming a hotbed of underground metal talent.

For fans of :Black Cobra, Eyehategod, Converge,Bacchus,Iron Monkey
Listen/Download here:
Stephen O' Connor

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