Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Should Be Listening To . . Giant Monster Army!

Crashing into the Nihilist inbox with a coarse , bass heavy swagger,Bangor  Giant Monster Army play a  fuzzed up, whacked out garage -stoner crossover  that puts one in mind of  QOTSA 's heaviest  moments .Clattering drums, horny , sweaty hard rock  riffing and  some bottom end bass rumble so nasty it'll leave you with an ear infection of you're not careful, (you slut), GMA recall a time when men were men, amps were orange, and  Simon Cowell was wearing his trousers at a normal height and working as a letter boy in some anonymous EMI office.Music to burn one , and possibly another one to, keep an eye out for these guys crashing in on your collective consciousness sometime next with ear with a debut EP.In the meantime, cast thine ears over the link below for some mucky groove laden goodness . . .

For fans of : QOTSA, Truckfighters, BitterChupChupWeLose, Fu Manchu, Winnebago Deal
Listen/Download here:
Stephen O ' Connor
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