Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Should Be Listening To .. .Tuber!

The Greek island of Crete is known traditionally(at least in BAN's sad, cold , part of the world) for being a popular holiday destination, particularly with hordes of pissed up, obnoxious British and Irish students on sixth year holidays.However, three piece 'instrumental desert rock' band, and Crete natives Tuber might make you reconsider.Say the band . . .

"Tuber grew up in a sunny place, south of Greece, in an island called Crete. They were hiding from the sun, jamming in dark studios and playing their music in rock caves. As they moved north, sounds became lighter, since they started miss hot ground. Balance came as a result of smash, dark embraced light and improvisation turned into an effortless and instinctive process. Tuber moved their interest into new forms, founding themselves experimenting with compositions that combine mixed styles and sounds from different ground. Focus is now on rock aesthetic flirting with psychedelic atmosphere and a touch of romantic mood. At this time Tuber live in Serres, forming their feelings and thoughts into music and words, still learning how to leave with reality and reinventing it with love."

A heady blend of meditative instrumentation, sand blasted stoner rock riffing, and an expansive, immersive atmosphere, Tuber are forging their own path in the already impressive Greek stoner rock scene. One not to rock out to maybe, but definitely one to burn one to , and let one's mind wander.As BAN's partner in crime , Fuzzed Out, might state:
"Revel In The Riff".

Stephen O ' Connor
For fans of: Kyuss, Red Sparrowes, Karma To Burn, Pink Floyd.
Listen/Download here : http://tuber.bandcamp.com/

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