Thursday, February 2, 2012

Album Review - Bitcho 'Toybox'

It seems appropriate that Bitcho's band bio describes the six piece as being from the Dutch 'lowlands', considering that 'Toybox' is clearly the work of people from some kind of hellish subterranean piss soaked bunker, people who've been starved of love and light for so long , that they've turned their vicious loathing of mankind inward, and managed to dredge up depths that only the few tortured souls of the abyss might know otherwise.

It's a vicious, hate filled, but also meditative four super long tracks of queasy ambience, subdued narcotic heaviness,that revels in it's repetitive nature, the band nursing their foul, tortured rumblings with the delirious loll and creak of three bass guitars , and combining said foul rumblings with an edge of industrialized menace, that recalls the fucked up space rock of bands like Swords Of Texas, along with the murky , acrid doom of old hands like Om and Electric Wizard.The band's sonic deviance could almost be a soundtrack to some forgotten , black and white experimental horror film(one is put in mind of Begotten , or Tetsuo the Iron Man) .It does get repetitive, granted, but that's the whole point.

And so while the band do showcase some lighter sensibilities especially in closer ' Expectations' and it's oddly bombastic, analog- abuse hymnal, it's a fleeting glimpse of any hope being found, and the over all sensation upon finishing the record is of having witnessed the death throes of some awesome , prehistoric beast. In other words:heavy shit.

For fans of :Om , Neurosis, Swords Of Texas, Ufomammut
Stephen O ' Connor

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