Monday, February 6, 2012

You Should Be Listening To... Triggerfinger!

B.A.N. was in beautiful snowy London for the weekend to take in a bitta Clutch. The unexpected highlight however was becoming acquainted with the first band of the night and being blown away entirely! B.A.N. says: YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO TRIGGERFINGER! When these guys first walked out, very early in the evening, looking a little too dressed up for the occasion, my inclination was to say to myself 'who are these chaps? what's their deal?' Blimey, was I impressed! Triggerfinger very nearly stole the show, which is no small thing to say when Clutch follows. This Belgian hard rock outfit have been knocking around since 1998 and Saturday night was the last night of a three week tour of Britain with Clutch and Thin Lizzy. These guys run a tight ship and frontman Ruben Block has a vocal range that you would not believe! Check 'em out when you can, you won't regret it!

Listen to some tracks here:

Edward Gerard Brophy

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