Thursday, September 20, 2012

Download of the week- Two Tales Of Woe -'A Conversation With Death'

Band:Two Tales Of Woe
Location:Dublin, Ireland

For those who like their sludge metal heavier than Oprah with her pockets full of lead, we have a treat for you here, as Dublin 'SLOOM' legends Two Tales of Woe have just reissued the classic 'A Conversation With Death'   as a free Bandcamp download for a limited time only.That's right, eleven tracks of drop tuned , tar thick riffing and grooves that hit  like getting punched in the stomach by Katie Taylor.On steroids.While  she'shaving a bad day.With concrete gloves.

If you missed this corker of  an album the first time around, then there's really no excuse this time around.And rest assured, if you're at all a fan of the kind of heavier-than-thou , balls to the wall likes of Down, Crowbar, COC and The Obsessed, then you'll find plenty to love about Two Tales Of Woe.

Get it here:

For fans of :Down, COC, Crowbar, Druganaut, Texas Hippie Coalition



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