Thursday, September 6, 2012

EP Review -Kabul Golf Club - 'Le Bal Du Rat Mort'


That's the only sane and rational reaction to first hearing 'Le Bal Du Rat Mort' , by Euro-noiseniks Kabul Golf Club.Your second reaction may just be to inform the proper authorities, clearly these are men with issues.This is a band who clearly prefer staying in and masturbating to snuff porn to going out and talking to girls, who don't so much play their instruments as violently molest them.They're bonkers, un-listenable, and by that reasoning, quite brilliant.

Coming from the same school of  dissonant, schizophrenic post-hardcore as the likes of  Botch and Blood Brothers, KGC conjure up a nightmarish racket, that manages, despite the  feral rage on show, to be quite infectious in it's nihilistic disregard for convention. On tracks like 'Fastmoving Consumer Parts', the band also display a songwriting suss that puts one in mind of sorely missed noise crew  These Arms Are Snakes, with an ear for a twisted melody and a knack for injecting proceedings with a healthy dose of electronica-tinged weirdness, as on the fantastically fucked up '5 Minutes To Midnight', which sounds like the sort of thing The Joker might have on his iPod , if he was that way inclined . . .

Closer and current single/video 'Demon Days' closes the EP on a high, a stuttering groove underpinning    a ferociously jittery riff , and featuring the band's first concession to something even approaching a chorus.Overall, a strong collection, and promising stuff.Just maybe not the sort of stuff your mum'd be into, and definitely not one to show your case worker.

Rating: 8/10

For fans of: These Arms Are Snakes, Botch, At The Drive In, Blood Brothers

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Stephen O' Connor


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