Tuesday, September 11, 2012

EP Review - XII Boar - 'Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof'

Location:Aldershot, Hampshire, UK

Track Listing: 1.Smokin Bones
                     2.Hellspeed Viper
                     3. Slamhound

After a year of constant gigging , and in their own words doing,"literally all the hard work in the house" , UK bruisers XII Boar(it's pronounced 'Twelve Boar', in case you were wondering folks) are making some serious headway, having been featured on the front cover CDs of both Metal Hammer and Terrorizer magazines , and even been featured in the gloriously gaudy pages of Kerrang!On first inspection of 'Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof', it's not hard to see why, as the three-piece recall all the best the UK hard rock/stoner/doom/noise scene  has had to offer over the last two decades.In these four tracks , one can hear echoes of everything from much missed Corby hard men Raging Speedhorn to the majestic riffing and pomp of Orange Goblin, via  Dukes Of Nothing's punk metal  maelstrom.

'Smokin Bones' opens things up in suitably raucous fashion, a straight up down and dirty rock and roll number that screams by in a fit of grisly  distorted bass and the sneering refrain: "I'm gettin paid, I'm gettin laid", the band making their intentions clear early on:either you're here to party,or GTFO.'Hellspeed Viber' is a more traditional heavy metal track, taking in some natty leads and bombastic double bass action, while 'Slamhound' is a shit kicking delight ,singer Tommy Hardrocks giving it his glue sniffing ,gruff best.Things slow down a bit for closer 'Triclops', a mid paced sludgy number that hints at a Crowbar influence, and is a welcome change of pace, showing the band are capable of writing songs with power and heft as well as throttle and thrust.There's also a hint of NWOBHM at the song's closing, with a nice line in dramatic solos, that breaks things up nicely.

While XII Boar probably aren't going to be on too many teenage girls's walls(though I'm not one, so how the fuck would I know), it's easy to see them being accepted in to the hearts of many fans of metal,  punk and stoner alike.The songs are catchy as fuck, the band are tight as hell, and most of all, and this is something missing more and more from new heavy  releases, their music is well, fun.Unashamedly OTT , this is a band who play like their lives depend on it, and can probably drink you under the table to boot.Recommended and ones to watch.

For fans of :Motorhead, Druganaut,Raging Speedhorn, Wolfshead, Texas Hippie Coalition
Listen here:  http://xiiboar.bandcamp.com/


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