Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Album Review - Earthrise -'Eras Lost'

Location: Minneapolis, MN , USA

Track Listing: 1.Challenger Deep
                     4.Former Worlds
                     5.Polar Low
                     8.Eighteen Hundred
                     11.Frame Dragging

'Eras Lost', the debut effort from Minnesotan post metallers Earthrise, really should come with some sort of health warning.Bleak and desolate as they come in the sub-genre(and they come bleak and desolate in this part of town, believe someone who reviews enough of it), the band might not be ideal listening for anyone feeling in any way down in the dumps, or even slightly brassed off about their car insurance.Meditative, crushingly heavy and almost unrelenting in it's intensity, 'Eras Lost' is a punishing experience at times, both sonically and emotionally.

The band's sonic template is reminiscent of the likes of Isis and Cult Of Luna,  with monstrous planet sized riffs welded to howled, hardcore style vocals and played at a snail's pace.The band also incorporate the usual shoe gaze elements into their sound that put one in mind of bands like Pelican and their ilk.The melodic guitar parts are  probably the strongest thing on here, with some segments almost reminiscent of sorely underrated hardcore crew Thrice.The band however too often slip into an all too familiar bludgeoning  groove, and more often than not the crushing sludge beatdowns dominate, resulting in some songs suffering from having their atmosphere stifled somewhat.The vocals , as well performed and suitably tormented as they are, can be a little one note as well, a trait shared with the aforementioned Cult Of Luna, and may divide listeners.

However, it's still an enjoyable listen.And when the band do hit their stride, as on songs like the majestic 'Polar Low' or the sinister swells of 'Transmission', it's magnificent, a marriage of emotion and power.As it is, this is a very strong debut,and if the band can build on the good work started here, we may be seeing a lot more of Earthrise in the not too distant future.Just maybe make sure you've taken those pep pills beforehand.


For fans of : Cult Of Luna,Isis, A Storm Of Light, Sleestak, People Of The Monolith

Listen here:

Stephen O' Connor

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